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We are gold collectors from all producing countries in Africa.
We are in partnership with large units of
production, sale of powdered gold, and ingots
artisanal in Africa.

South Africa,
Burkina Faso,

The characteristics of our stock:
Commodity: Metal Au (Gold)
Origin: Africa
Form: powder and artisanal ingots
Quality: 22 carats +
Purity: 96.84%
Quantity: 7 tonnes (7000 kilograms)
Delivery: to the buyer, after export formalities.
Packaging precision: Metal storage boxes
of 100kg, secured.
Price: 33000 USD / Kg
Payment in cash, or bank transfer.
NB: We do not accept proceedings from buyers or intermediaries. Our sales procedure is non-negotiable, not serious to abstain.
We have a refinery to check the product before
procurement. For any request, please contact us.

Mobile: 0022 966 439 851
Skype: hubain.gomez
Youssouf Kasmael

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